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Access Unit Provider Malaysia

Access Unit is a CrossFire hardware element that enhances coupling access to radio signal sources of multi-operator, multi-system and multi-band. Access units Form digital optical signals and distribution to Expansion Units (EU). One AU supports up to 6 optical interfaces connected to EUs. Access Unit providers majorly focus on optimizing customer performance. Access units deliver coverage and capacity that meets the customer needs.

An access unit (AU) has an inbuilt digital processor that converts Radio frequency (RF) signals to digital signals. AU providers design Access Units to transmit the digital signals to the expansion unit (EU). Access Unit providers utilize optical fiber links to perform the transmission functions.AU providers enhance Offset value, a crucial feature that blocks increased Uplink noise on the macro network. Access units providers enhance capabilities for insertion of Internet Protocol data such as WLAN and Small Cell traffic to the platform. IP data is inserted through Gigabit Ethernet ports situated on the EU. The data is merged with optical signals from the Access units. Subsequently, it is transmitted to Remote Unit.

The RU’s function is to process incoming IP network and mobile network signals back to their original format. Radio Frequency signals are further amplified by the Remote Unit and then inserted into the antenna feeder system. Frequency bands are connected to the Distributed Antenna Systems. Access unit providers, therefore, ensure that RF coverage is fully optimized and accommodates all systems.

Access Units connect up to 12 discrete bands from different signal sources. The multi-band support provides for flexible system upgrade and configuration. Access Units providers use the multi-band capability to accommodate future changes in the network. Access Units support a variety of application scenarios. Cell Splitting of different bands is essential to optimize capacity. Access Units providers offer two types of modules in an Access Unit chassis to cater for different applications. The Active Combiner Module has four SMA connectors and supports connection of up to four duplex signals. The module has a Downlink Injecting Power range of 0dBm to 15dBm. This module would typically be used with Base Stations, Small Cells and/or external Off-Air Repeaters.

AU efficiently integrates Radio Frequency signals from 2G, 3G and LTE base stations. Access Units are designed to allow for quick installation and easy maintenance. Access Unit providers ensure a low-cost and user-friendly installation process for the Access Units. There is no further manual commissioning upon installation.

Crossfire iBDA – integrated BDA Module can use an existing macro signal as a signal source into the system. Its design enhances perfect mounting into a standard Access Unit. System re-framing by Access Unit providers ensures that each module is technologically agnostic.

AU allows for Plug and Play for different a range of technology such as 2G, 3G, and 4G among others. There is an integrated FDD and TDD. Also, Access Unit providers design the AU to ensure no hardware changes are needed to re-frame spectrum.

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