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Fiber Optic Design & Installation Malaysia

Open Access Fiber Network (FTTP) – Making a choice for the right equipment and systems between competing alternatives can be a daunting task for end customers. Also, choosing the proper configuration for an extensive and sophisticated network is a challenging task. In the information era, the design and installation of open-access fiber optic networks for faster flow of data. Rolling out of FTTP has been vital in fostering competition and economic gains, especially in areas with minimal infrastructure competition. A high-speed fiber optic network is a prerequisite for a city or region to be a commercial hub.

FTTP has revolutionized fiber optical design and installation through the provision of access to the latest fiber optic technologies. Open access fiber optic offers value to the end customers by promoting customer choice. Fiber optic design and installation using the open access model also creates a competitive environment. Ultimately, subscribers enjoy improved services at more economical costs.

Open Access Fiber Network (FTTP) has created an innovative and vibrant market for fiber optic design and installation. It has also boosted economic growth, as firms utilize reliable and highspeed internet access to optimize their operations. The fiber optic design and installation using the FTTP model allows for multiple ISP to use the same network. Using this model, the broadband infrastructure is jointly built, end-to-end, by Telco, Fiber communication Network, and Seraya. The infrastructure is subsequently leased to an operating company.

The operating company adds the active equipment to the network and sells access to working broadband network to any service provider. The service providers pay the operating company a monthly fee per customer. On the other hand, independent content providers can sell their content to the public or business customers. This process is done through the operating company’s portal, which is responsible for keeping billing records and having a direct billing relationship with the customer. The design and installation of open access fiber optical networks promote networks investments. Any telecom client can get access to the network on making the binding agreements and required payments. Open access fiber optic design and installation, therefore, lessen discrimination based on the size of company operations.

The appointed network operator works with the Telco/Service Provider to provide the following benefits: – Customer free to select any service from any Telco/Service Provider at any time via online; Telco/Service Providers deliver their services in parallel over the same pipe; Network Operator and Telco/Service Provider works together based on technical and commercial contract; Telco/Service Provider maintains customer ownership (includes Billing, Help Desk, and Customer Service);
The Network Operator receives a portion of the revenue generated by the services. Design and installation of open access fiber networks enhance a pricing regime in the market that is directly beneficial to the service providers. It also promotes the duplication of facilities in the economy, which has negative financial consequences.

The alternative for open access fiber network is for service providers to invest in their infrastructure. This creates an oversupply in the market and leads to diminished financial returns. Opening up access for new businesses to use existing fiber optics network is both cost-effective and less risky, compared to building new networks from scratch.

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