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High Speed Broadband Consultants Malaysia

High-speed Broadband consultants roll-out the necessary connection that will perfectly fit your needs. Through market research and appropriate consultation, high-speed Broadband consultants provide essential recommendations for businesses with operations in rural areas. Most Urban developments have efficient and high-speed Broadband services. On the other hand, people in rural areas are frustrated by the slow broadband internet. High-speed Broadband consultants assess the internet needs of rural-based companies and offer relevant solutions that are tailored to different groups. High-speed Broadband consultants provide flexible solutions to businesses requiring in-house connections in remote locations.

The major pieces of Rural High-speed Broadband are:

A. Vertically Integrated Network:

I. Core Layer
a) International Router
b) Regional Aggregation & Router
c) Triple Play & Other Services Switch

II. Distributions Layer
a) Regional POP
b) Regional Backbone/Backhaul
c) Outside Plant (fiber infra mix with wireless mesh)

III. Access Layer
a) Access node for last mile and retail distribution
b) Last Miles & Last Inch connection and equipment

B. Data Centre, DRC, Network Operating Center (Network Management Center; Data Center), Data Recovery Center

The rural high-speed Broadband internet is available to clients through the following channels: Satellite, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Fiber, Cable Modem, Wireless and Broadband over Power lines (BPL). Through the provision of high-speed Bandwidth services in rural and remote regions, Internet Broadband consultants have contributed to the growth of many economies. It is essential for businesses with heavy reliance on internet tools to partner with High-speed Bandwidth consultants to stay ahead of the curve. Governments and relevant authorities should ensure that rural areas are not left behind, regarding internet speeds. They should form binding agreements with experienced high-speed Bandwidth consultants to boost the Bandwidth coverage.

By adopting high-speed Broadband internet, people in rural areas can enjoy a wide range of technological, education and entertainment facilities among many others. The projects also provide job opportunities for the professionals working as high-speed Broadband consultants. The designed network architecture for a rural high-speed Broadband is described in 3 main layers namely: Core Layer, Distribution Layer, and Access Layer.

The Network Operation Center (NOC) is the core layer of the Broadband network architecture and can be regarded as the ‘brain’ of the overall network and internet connections of the Broadband project. NOC provides quick turnaround and efficient data transport. It facilitates high-speed and redundant forwarding services to the upper layer, consisting of international exchange (IX) and domestic exchange.

The role of NOC in rolling out of high-speed Broadband internet cannot be overstated. As a result of the high-speed data transportation, high-speed Broadband consultants provide high-speed Broadband internet to remote regions. On the hand, the upper layer facilitates movement of data packets between distribution layer devices in different areas. Core layer also will provide Quality of Service (QOS), through which it ensures an adequate performance of sensitive and critical applications at the level of Service Aggregation Switch like Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

The concept is utilized by high-speed Broadband consultants, especially when undertaking projects in rural areas. QOS provides the idea that the high-speed Broadband facilities can be measured, transformed and even guaranteed in advance. The distribution layer, comprising of a point of presence (POP), is located below the core layer.

POP acts as the local access points for an Internet service provider. High-speed Broadband consultants use POP to allow users in rural areas to be connected to the Broadband Internet via the Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP). High-speed Internet Broadband consultants utilize Point of Presence (POP) as a point of intersection between an ISP backbone and the external client connections. A Point of Presence has one or more unique IP addresses Internet Broadband consultants are trained on using distribution layer to connect rural areas with high-speed Broadband.

High-speed Broadband consultants can locate a POP for an ISP inside a telecommunications facility of a Telco or a long-distance carrier in a rural or remote area. The Internet Service Provider leases space in the facility to install the necessary routers and access servers that ultimately provide Internet connectivity for firms in rural areas. High-speed Broadband consultants should fully utilize Emerging technologies relating to POP to solve rural internet Broadband challenges. Distribution layer provides the multilayer switching between the access and core layers; hence it will provide platforms to provide redundant connections for Node devices in the access layer.

The third layer is the access layer and acts as the gateway and policy-based network connected to the clients. In rural areas, the access layer provides high-performance and low-latency switching to the network connections. High-speed Broadband consultants use the firewall or the network access control to protect the network from any unauthorized access, hacks, and IP spoofing.

High-speed Broadband consultants now have more sophisticated solutions to rural Broadband internet connectivity. It is essential for both local and regional authorities to support trends. High-speed Broadband consultants access transmission capabilities, and subsequently, partner with the ISP to secure the Broadband specifically needed to drive efficiency.

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