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Installation of Wireless System Malaysia

In this digital era, customers demand reliable wireless experience. They are astute and very keen on available alternatives to enhance their experience. The proposed solutions are well adapted to meet the demanding needs of clients’ requirement of reliability and redundancy, providing coverage solutions for the public. Companies thus need to fully adapt to the technological advancements or risk losing out to their competitors. Many counties across the globe are investing in sophisticated high-speed rail travels to support economic growth.

Wireless communication is a key integral of this aspect. Installation of wireless systems for signalling control is essential for the Telecommunication sector. The role of wireless systems, both voice, and data, in connecting passengers to outside world cannot be overstated. We are in the information age where customers need to be in constant communication, for both business and personal purpose. Customers want to use their cellular devices even at high speeds. Ignoring their perception and experience is detrimental to the economy.

The installation of a wireless system is in line with today’s competitive travel infrastructure landscape. It is essential that such systems are tailored to today’s traveling mobile subscriber. This will provide the most comprehensive, effective railway coverage solutions requirements.

The wireless mobile solution provides commercial mobile voice and data communications, via the broadband infrastructure network built inside tunnels for real-time wireless transmission of various kinds of media including video, image, and multimedia means. Installation of wireless systems in railways should aim at undisrupted services to travelers. Minimal interference, for data and voice, enhances the travel experience.

The installation of wireless systems in the railway environment primarily will support the transmission of data including voice, video from operator’s base station (BTS) to mobile network users. Both railway and road networks have many blind spots. Rail transport growth by far exceeds other modes of transport. It is, therefore, more practical to focus on addressing coverage gaps along railways. Weak signal affects customer experience and has negative consequences for the economy.

The system design is based on industry best practice for extending mobile network coverage into tunnels, buildings, and other areas that are blocked from the macro signals ordinarily available over the air. The source signals are provided by co-located, BTS, or off-air, and are aggregated to distribute to many repeaters within the blocked areas. It is essential that the installation of wireless systems is low-cost to make it affordable to end users. The wireless systems should also sufficiently cater for a variety of terrain.

By using the latest telecommunication technologies and equipment, the installation of wireless systems will adequately address current capacity and coverage challenges. Installation of wireless repeaters and general antenna feeder system ensures round-the-clock and undisrupted quality coverage.

People are always on the move and improved customer experience influences their perception of both the service providers and train operator. For train operators, installation of wireless systems is a godsend in enhancing efficiency and customer experience. Low-cost installation of wireless systems offers within budget solutions to coverage challenges, for the benefit of all.

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