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Leaky Coaxial and Feeder Cable Installation Malaysia

Leaky coaxial and feeder cables are used to deliver radio signals in tunnel environments. For example, if your car radio continues to perfectly function while driving through a tunnel, it’s probably due to Leaky Coaxial and feeder Cable installation. Installation of leaky Coaxial and Feeder cables allow for seamless communication within a given range. Leaky Coaxial and Feeder cable design and installation are in such a way to block penetration of an external signal or noise. The devices function as extended antennas, and they are used in confined spaces with minimal natural propagation.

Before access to the installation site, specialists carry out a thorough inspection and checks to ensure construction is per latest combined service drawings issued by the relevant civil / noise barrier / trackside / tunnels contractors. Constructors tasked with the installation of Leaky Coaxial, and Feeder cables are detail oriented.

Trackside preparations include:
• Readiness and availability of mounting structure (every 1 meter) on noise barrier. The specialists subsequently decide on the most suitable mounting position for the Leaky Coaxial and Feeder Cables.
• Readiness and availability of cable containment on viaduct Tunnels.
When dealing with tunnel environments, anchor bars are placed at every 1.2 meters on tunnels wall to ensure stable installation of the Leaky Coaxial and Feeder Cable installation.

An inspection and inventory check for equipment/ material is done immediately all goods arrive at the site. The contractors ensure that everything that they require to carry out the Leaky Coaxial and Feeder Cable installation is available. Also, it is essential that everything is in the right quantity. For example, the mounting cables should be enough to cover the distance of installation of Leaky Coaxial and feeder cable installation. Inadequate preparation leads to stalling of projects and financial losses. The quality of the supporting materials for Leaky Coaxial and Feeder Cable installation is also essential. The construction schedule is planned in close consultation with interfacing parties such as tunnels contractors, ancillary building contractors, and other subsystem contractors.

Site access dates are set by the relevant personnel after adequate consultations are made. The installation contractors work closely with the other contractors during coordination processes relating to Leaky Coaxial and Feeder cable Installation. Contractors carry out thorough Testing of Leaky Coaxial and feeder cables before their installation. Self-Locking cable hooks are utilized to ensure the Leaky Coaxial and Feeder cables are in position. Once the cable is in position, the method of pushing the cable to the hook perfectly secures the Leaky Coaxial and Feeder cables. The Connector assembly and cabling works are tested using a cable tester. Subsequently, the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) for cables is measured.

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