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Mobile – Telecommunications Network Consultant Malaysia

Seraya Teknologi is fully equipped to provide full mobile Telecommunications Network consultancy services in Malaysia. Through the CMTS facilities, we aim to strengthen our position as the leading Telecommunications Network Consultant in Malaysia. Our mission is to provide topnotch mobile telecommunications network services to our business partners at more economical costs.

The Commercial Mobile Telecommunication System (CMTS) is a mobile telecommunication network facility that makes available the radio frequency (RF) infrastructure to enable mobile users to access sufficient radio coverage to the KVMRT SBK Line underground stations, linkways, tunnels and viaduct sections with noise barriers. CMTS is essential for mobile telecommunications network consultancy services in Malaysia. The team at Seraya works round the clock to ensure CMTS facilities are tailored to the customer needs and requirements. It is essential that the facilities support the required mobile services. This is key in Seraya Teknologi having a competitive edge as a Mobile Telecommunication Network Consultant in Malaysia.

As the world becomes a global village, technology and infrastructure facilities go hand in hand in improving people’s lives. Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit is one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects rolled out in the world. In its mission to boost Telecommunications Network consultant services in Malaysia, Seraya will appropriately utilize the project. Through relevant partnership with Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit, Seraya Teknologi will design, install, test and commission CMTS. The company will subsequently facilitate crucial integration tests with mobile operators. Part One of The Design, Installation supervision, Testing and Commissioning Supervision, Integration Test with mobile operators will be awarded to the DSC. Part Two of the Perform Installation, Testing, and commissioning, Maintenance and Training will be awarded to one or more of the existing Works Package Contractors (WPCs). The above processes are critical for mobile telecommunications network consultant services in Malaysia.

Seraya Teknologi will Design a commercial Mobile Telecommunication System (CMTS) to extend mobile phone coverage. Subsequently, the company will adequately cater for 2G, 3G, and 4G (LTE FDD) users. Extensive mobile phone coverage plays a huge role for Seraya Teknologi as a mobile telecommunications network consultant in Malaysia. Diligent supervision of installation, testing and commissioning process by a team from Seraya will ensure the CMTS delivered will support mobile services that meet the performance requirement in the GS and PS. Ultimately, CMTS is a game changer in Mobile Telecommunications Network consultant services in Malaysia.

Open Access Fiber Network (FTTP) is a prerequisite for CMTS to meet the set-out requirements. Through the FTTP model, the broadband infrastructure is jointly built, end-to-end, by Telco, Fiber communication Network, and Seraya. Subsequently, the infrastructure is leased to an operating company. The operating company adds the existing equipment to the network and sells access to the operating broadband network to any service provider upon signing of relevant agreements. The service providers are charged a monthly fee by the operating company based on the number of customers. On the other hand, independent content providers can sell their content to the general public or business customers. This process is done efficiently through the operating company’s portal. The portal plays an essential role in keeping billing records and facilitating a direct billing relationship with the customer.

Through the FTTP, Customer is free to select any service from any Telco/Service Provider at any time. Mobile Telecommunication Network Service Providers in Malaysia deliver their services in parallel over the same pipe. The different entities work together based on legally binding agreements upon signing various technical and commercial contracts. The appointed Network Operator effectively receives a portion of the revenue generated by the services. The telecommunication maintains customer ownership including; Billing, Help Desk and Customer Service.

The Neutral Host model reduces the responsibility of the mobile operators to secure access, deploy and efficiently manage a DAS and in some cases, funding portions of the project. Under the Neutral Host model, an independent, third-party company invests its own money into the project to deploy, maintain all or part of the system, and leases space or access to the system to the mobile telecommunication network operator(s). Neutral Host model thus plays a significant role for Seraya, as a mobile telecommunications network consultant in Malaysia.

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