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Network Operation Center (NOC) | Design & Implementation Malaysia

Network Operations Center is the primary location from where a telecommunication network is managed. From this point, the network administrators monitors, controls, supervises and maintains the entire system. The Network Operations Center acts as the focal point for identification, notification, and troubleshooting of problems.

Implementation of network operations center is for environments that have complex networks. These environments include universities, business organizations, public utilities and government agencies. An organization can manage two or more network operation centers for redundancy or management of various networks.

The network operations room is a technical facility that housing network equipment and servers for a particular enterprise system. The houses have several workstations from which the status of the network is analyzed. The workstations are divided into departments. Each department is assigned to control and monitor a specific network or technology. Network operations rooms have extensive video walls from where the telecommunication engineers can check the general status of the network system.

Network operation rooms have TVs to that enable them to watch the news. This enables the engineers to be up to date with the current ongoing events that may affect the network systems they are managing. The network operators can thus predict future problems, and they can find a solution in advance. From the Network Operations Center, the telecommunication engineers carry out crucial tasks relating to the networks.

However, setbacks can occur at unexpected times in Network Operation Centers. Such circumstances call for a proper and strategic planning to counter search problems and ensure smooth operations of the network system. This includes incorporating adequate management tools within the Network Operations Center. A ticketing system is essential to keep track of the issues that affect the Network Operation Center. Such a system avails knowledge of all the open issues enabling the network operators to prioritize them and subsequently assign them to workers depending on their areas of specialization.

Proper recording keeping is vital in Network Operation Centers. This involves creating daily and monthly reports about significant incidents that occur and the steps involved in the solution of those problems. The operators in the Network Operations Centers should have defined roles and responsibilities to avoid disagreements, confusions, and slow decision making. Good and real-time communication flow between network operations members is key to proper system performance. The specialists in network operations centers should brainstorm and consult with each other before making crucial decisions. Teamwork enhances decision making, especially when such decisions have significant consequences.

Trained personnel in Network Operations Centers are committed to should offer a reliable and stable network enterprise system. Network operators receive regular training to boost their skills and expertise. Training improves productivity and introduces the operators to new trends in Network Operation Centers. Network personnel work round-the-clock to ensure the smooth running of the network operations center.

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