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Rural High-Speed Broadband

With the main aim is to provide broadband connectivity to the rural areas with a real-time data and command control center, the network architecture is described in 3 main layers which are Core Layer, Distribution Layer and Access Layer

The core layer of the Broadband network architecture consists of the Network Operation Center (NOC). The NOC can be considered as the ‘brain’ of the overall network and internet connections of the Broadband project. It will provide fast, high availability efficient data transport with high-speed and redundant forwarding services to the upper layer which comprises of international exchange (IX) and domestic exchange. With the high-speed data transportation, this layer allows the data packets to be moved between distribution layer devices in different regions easily.

Core layer also will provide Quality of Service (QoS) in which it ensures an adequate performance of sensitive and critical applications at the level of Service Aggregation Switch like Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Below the core layer in the Broadband network architecture is the distribution layer. This layer consists of point of presence (POP). POP is the location where it consists of high-speed telecommunications equipment which will allow the users to be connected to the Internet using the Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Distribution layer provides the multilayer switching between the access and core layers, hence it will provide platforms to provide redundant connections for Node devices in the access layer.

The third layer is the access layer. This layer acts as the gateway and policy-based network which is connected to the clients or users. It provides high-performance and low-latency switching to the network connections. This layer also will provide the firewall or the network access control to protect the network from any unauthorized access, hacks, IP spoofing and reconnaissance’s.

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