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Telecommunication Network System Integrator Malaysia

Established in 2012, Seraya Teknologi has been a major Mobile Telecommunication Network consultant in Malaysia. Seraya was formed by ambitious individuals with a wealth of experience in the IT and Telecommunication industry. A high-performance Telecommunication Network is vital for every enterprise. In particular, our expertise in Telecommunication Network System integration cannot be overstated. At Seraya, we are fully equipped to deliver complex Telecom Systems Integration projects.

Our well-trained professionals are outliers in the field. Our clients have consistently trusted us to provide crucial Telecommunication performance needs. Our team of qualified Telecommunication Network System Integrators has played a significant role in the wireless Telecom market in Malaysia. We specialize, but are not limited, to the following areas relating to system integration for the Wireless Telecom Market;

  • Indoor & Street Level RF Coverage Solution
  • Train/MRT & Tunnel Solution
  • RF Enhancement Products
  • Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Green Technology
  • Consulting & Services

Seraya is fully equipped for the provision of full turnkey telecommunications Network Systems integration services. With the increasing global reliance on wireless voice and data

Services, subscribers expect to have round-the-clock coverage. Wireless service providers implementing 3G and LTE technologies have more often than not experienced reduced coverage patterns within existing coverage footprints. This opens coverage holes within the telecommunications Network, ultimately affect vital operations of the company. It is therefore important for a wireless service provider to increase capacity within areas outside coverage.

Addition of new macrocell towers has been an innovative solution to coverage issues. However, strict local zoning regulations have blocked issuance of new permits for Macrocells.

The Telecommunication Networks System integration team at Seraya is fully equipped in providing economical systems while extending coverage per the requirements of the client. Our wealth of experience in Networks System integration guarantees competence in your systems integration projects. Our experienced system integrators work closely with the clients, especially providing the much-needed support in technologies for both available and emerging protocols and frequencies.

Seraya offers a robust range of products to provide comprehensive solutions to major setbacks relating to Telecommunications Network System integration. Many developments have sprung in metro cities resulting in new densely populated urban areas. Some building materials constrain indoor cellular network coverage. Mobile network operators have met this challenge through innovative cellular in building System to meet the capacity demands of the densely populated urban regions.  Seraya Teknologi supports the IBC domain through its entire life cycle.

Our professionals provide Telecommunication System integration in varying environments. Be it high rise buildings, stadiums, tunnels, high-speed railways or city metro lines; we will meet your needs. Our services are tailored to the systems integration requirements of the client. We provide innovative products and services through our long-lived partnerships with leading IBC product vendor in the world. We also work with service partners who have the expertise and tools to ensure efficiency in Telecommunications Network systems integration. Our Network integrators provide economical solutions to emerging issues relating to Telecommunication Network systems integration.

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