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Telecommunications Hardware Supplier Malaysia

Seraya Teknologi is a significant player in the Telecommunications hardware market. We provide both sophisticated and simple hardware devices that are tailored to market needs. Seraya provides our clients with step-by-step support at all levels of the development process and during the subsequent integration of the Telecommunication hardware.

The Crossfire product is a revolutionary Telecommunication hardware product supplied by Seraya. Crossfire comprises of three hardware elements namely: Access Unit (AU), Expansion Unit (EU) and Remote Unit (RU). The AU provides coupling access to radio signal of multi-operator, multisystem and multiband, forming digital optical signals and distributing to Expansion units (EU). The EU provides backhaul to WIFI Access Points and small cells from the AU. It then distributes the combined signals to Remote Units (RU). EU supports up to 18 optical interfaces connected to RUs. On the other hand, RU receives signals from an EU or superior RU then converts the digital signal to RF signals of 2G/3G/LTE and backhaul signals for WIFI and/or small cells. Seraya supplies both indoor and outdoor models. Our Telecommunication Hardware supplies are tailored to client requirements.

Crossfire Remote Units have a capacity for both high power and low power. The Remote Units have similar IP Capacity. However, they differ in dimension, Power per band, Frequency Range and Power consumption. As market leaders in Telecommunications Hardware supply, Seraya is up to date with emerging trends in Telecommunication equipment. CrossFire is a revolution in RF transport for In-Building Wireless systems. Its features provide capital and operational cost savings to our clients. The product is the crucial Telecommunication Hardware equipment supplied by Seraya. CrossFire has a global footprint and its role in Telecommunication advancement cannot be overstated. As leading Telecommunication hardware supplier, Seraya deals in the CrossFire product family which comprises of Low Power DAS (LP), High Power DAS (HP), Integrated BDA Module (iBDA), Agnostic Small Cell (ASC), Smart Integrated BDA Module (S-iBDA). CrossFire iBDA module can use an existing macro signal as a signal source into the system. It Mounts into standard Access Unit and requires no modification or change to the CrossFire Low Power or High Power Remote Units. The model has advanced features to protect macro network performance.

Seraya has vast experience in Telecommunication Hardware supply. Global mobile data traffic has been on a gradual rise. As Telecommunications Hardware suppliers, we recognize the evolution from Voice to Data. Wireless Broadband Traffic is booming with the majority of it being Indoors. Seraya supplies a wide range of Telecommunication Hardware equipment to support the growth of mobile data traffic.

Our role in Telecommunication hardware supply has hugely contributed to the advancement of the industry. Seraya is passionate about solving coverage issues. We recognize that 80% of customer complaints in the market are related to indoor coverage issues. Upgrade to LTE (4G) by a majority of counties has led to millions of new LTE subscribers. LTE networks have been launched in over a hundred countries. Seraya has been at the forefront in the supply of essential Telecommunications Hardware that is tailored to the new networks. Our teams are highly trained on emerging trends in coverage technology.

We have actively participated in the evolution of coverage technology through the supply of innovate and revolutionary Telecommunications Hardware. Seraya supplies a wide range of Telecommunications hardware equipment, including complex and campus distribution. Through our innovative range of hardware equipment, we provide solutions for different coverage needs and requirements.

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